05 March, 2007

Bread bowls continued

This entry should be ringed in black. Two weeks ago in a fit of (pre-menstrual) clumsiness, I dropped my heirloom breadbowl and it shattered on the floor, along with my large mixing bowl which lived inside. The girls couldn't work out why I was in a heap sobbing by the remains of the bowl and my mother thought someone had run over the cat when I rang as I was in such a state. She tried to make me feel better but didn't help by telling me the bowl was at least 50 years old.


Moving on.

I have been forced by circumstance to try out Manufactum's large ceramic bowl. And it's lovely. Unglazed outside apart from the rim, it has a very pleasing rounded shape. It isn't quite as big as my old one but does take 5 lbs of flour. Another heirloom in the making, waiting for my grandchildren to get clumsy and traumatised. I shall be more careful...

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