03 June, 2007


It's funny but I will try most things to eat. Snails? Easy. Raw fish? No problem. Zebra? Once at a restaurant in Kenya called the Carnivore and not as exciting to eat as it sounds. But I just can't be adventurous at breakfast. This becomes particularly clear when travelling and faced with the things other people have in the morning. The Marriott in Bangkok serves a fabulous breakfast at a fabulous price to all nationalities. Eggs next to curry and Nasi Goreng. Stomach churning experience for me and also rather galling because I lacked the courage to try things.

My breakfast of choice is home-made bread with butter and honey, washed down with orange or grapefruit juice, and very strong but milky coffee. I eat this almost every day except in France when I stuff myself on croissants (good thing I don't live there!).

Honey is a wonderful thing. I am vaguely aware that it has many wonderful medicinal properties and can be used in many ways, but I like a good honey generally not the runny kind, simply spread on a slice of bread. And heather honey is unquestionably the best stuff - a dark, powerful flavour. I've recommended the Chain Bridge Honey Farm before and always eat the stuff when travelling northwards but until now they didn't send their honey out mail order. Now they do. Yippee! Once I have got through the four jars in my cupboard (four weeks max) I shall be putting an order in.


Anonymous said...

i like to drizzle honey on salmon, wrap it in foil and then bake it in the oven.

Eliane said...

Forgive me for getting excited but Yey! Someone other than my husband and his brother has read my site. You are the first person to add a comment.

And yes, honey on salmon would do it for me too but probably not heather, something runny and less strong tasting.