05 February, 2008

Jumping bean

The bean is here and it was me doing the jumping. Much excitement in the kitchen from me at least although the children are as yet singularly unimpressed. It's been ten days and nothing. I was even going to blog about the complete lack of activity in my pots yesterday. Clearly there was activity underground and I now have five bean plants starting to emerge. Still no sign of the tomatoes and I'm beginning to think that I should cover the trays with clingfilm and put them on a slightly warmer windowsill.

Meanwhile outside, I have three frames installed and now need muck and topsoil. I also need to get on with some more digging but the weather is too wet. Mind you, we have had no snow and it is really too warm. The daffodils aren't out but they are up and budding and looking raring to go which just seems wrong for the first week in February.

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