01 April, 2008

Still to do list

This may end up looking suspiciously like yesterday's post...

1. Continue to dig out a rhubarb bed. This is turning into a big hole as all that was under the couch grass was rocks. And rocks. And rocks. So far I've dug out 8 buckets full and there are more. Good thing I have top soil to bung into the large hole afterwards.
2. Plant peas, turnips, more courgettes, lettuce, carrots and anything else that comes to mind. I have some courgettes already coming up.

And yesterday I managed to plant 4 cucumber seeds. I'm getting more frugal with my seeds as I'm trying to feed the family and not the whole of the Usk valley.
3. Prick out the rest of my tomato seedlings (planted before I got frugal...). I managed to do a few San Marzano yesterday while I bungled a simple pasta meal. I am actually feeling quite smug about my tomatoes (which is no doubt a sign of disaster to come) as they are all looking lovely and there are lots and lots with almost no casualties. Although, I was a bit surprised to find a very tiny crop of mushrooms growing around one Lylia Cerisette. Hmmm.
4. Plant the maincrop potatoes.
5. Carry on working on the herb bed.

So what did I get done yesterday. Well the asparagus is in - 4 crowns and don't ask about the spacing.

And I did manage the soup and bread.

Meanwhile, I also need to go shopping (so dull, I loathe supermarkets, even the estimable Abergavenny Waitrose which does its best to make itself a pleasure), and visit the garden centre as I am fast running out of small pots for all the tender seedlings and need some more compost for the rhubarb and the maincrop potatoes.

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vegmonkey said...

I know what you mean about the spacing, the only peril of having a small space is that you either have to plant less, or the same amount closer, and dealing with what comes your way. I can also empathise with the supermarket hatred...but how else could we make shopping so quick and easy??