11 May, 2008


If you haven't guessed by now, I rather like Mediterranean food. Finally we get to aubergines.
Now I'm not fooling myself. When my mother saw the seeds at Christmas, she laughed in that pah! you'll be lucky way that mothers sometimes have. The seeds were very slow to germinate but did get going and in the end I had about 12 plants. All small and tentative. I have ended up giving most away. I have kept two Rosa Bianca - a pale lilac/white and more rounded aubergine that apparently tastes amazing and looks gorgeous - and one Tres Hative de Barbantane - which is your classic dark purple long fruited aubergine. They are now in pots on the terrace looking small.

I reckon they will get bigger and look flourishing but whether I will get fruit is another matter. They are outside so it will entirely depend on the summer - if it carries on like it was today, then I could get melons going, but of course it won't. Hey, this whole gardening thing is a bit of an experiment this year, so what the hell.

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