12 May, 2008

Slugs etc.

I am having problems with slugs. And I think mice.

First the slugs. It takes quite a lot to make me angry - slugs eating almost all my newly germinated Marcord lettuces will do it. And then having a go at my peas. Almost and may yet, make me non-organic. So far I have run off the Organic Gardening Catalogue and bought some Nemaslug to dose the beds with. And also some anti-slug gel to put around any new lettuce I have coming up. My established lettuce look fine (see left) but my new row used to be just that and now look (right).

Meanwhile, I think the mice are merrily tunnelling under and through my beds. Or something that tunnels but is quite small is. I tried to plant some beans the other day and after pushing them in to a depth of 3-4 cm, they suddenly plunged into a mini-cave. I think it may be mice that are nibbling off the tops of my turnips and radishes. I also suspect they may have eaten all my Starlight peas before they even emerged.

It is possible that I have been a bit lazy when it comes to pests. But better late than never. So traps will be bought and I'm afraid they won't be nice ones and apparently salami works a treat. I miss Archie more than ever!

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Anonymous said...

I understand your pain! I also like your blog so I'll be back later for a more in depth read.