11 June, 2008

Bokashi Part IV

It's very gratifying to get a reference from The Rubbish Diet but I'm not sure I deserve it. If you've come here looking for tips on Bokashi, I have one today. Don't be stingy with the bran. We were running low and I hadn't got around to reordering (online of course as we're in early adopter waste disposal territory here) so we were using the bare minimum of the bran available. Which turned out to be well below the minimum from an olfactory point of view. I've always wanted to use that word - olfactory. As in, the Bokashi stinks. Fortunately, I am now restocked with bran and am going to sort out the stink today. I think I shall shovel it into the compost anyway with a load more bran on the grounds that the smell will be less offensive at the bottom of the garden than it is here in my kitchen.


Her indoors said...

LOL Eliane - that's top advice. I feel that I overuse the bran and consequently ran out three weeks before expected. I've rung up an emergency re-order for my scheduled top up ;-D

Almost Mrs Average said...

BTW...that was me commenting in my other persona...oops ;-D