27 June, 2008

Finally the bread made from natural leaven

Sorry I haven't blogged about this for ages. I've had toothache and somehow that meant I couldn't face sitting still and writing. I also couldn't really face eating the bread although it was lovely.

The recipe is simple. 200g white leaven to 500 g bread flour and 325g cold water. It takes a long long time for this bread to rise and involves lots and lots kneading for 10-15 seconds and then leaving, and then kneading and leaving, and kneading and leaving etc. This is a lovely bread but to be honest it's one to save for a day at home when you've nothing much to do.

Next up, I shall refresh the leaven and use it with yeast, as Lepard does, as this makes for a quicker recipe. Not quick, just quicker. Meanwhile the leaven is in the fridge, resting. It hasn't taken over yet. It should settle into a greyish sludge at the bottom. You can start it off again by taking some out and mixing it with water and flour. Refreshing it each day, you should be able to use it again after three. Something for next week.

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