19 June, 2008

Local food

I'm feeling rather chuffed with myself this evening.

I harvested enough vegetables this evening to provide for a family of four greedy people.

That's lots of lovely Charlotte potatoes, three small beetroot, two small turnips, some broad beans and some carrots. The beetroot and turnips were tiny and I roasted them whole with the carrots which were mostly small and some came in rather odd shapes. Below is the oddest.

I also steamed the beetroot tops with spinach and added butter, salt, pepper and nutmeg. The final local ingredient were sausages made from some pigs last seen in my friend Suzanne's garden. They had a good time and now they are sausages, jolly good sausages. Put me in mind of this T-shirt.

Pudding was strawberries and creme fraiche which I think I just about claim was local as I notice that Neal's Yard stuff comes from Herefordshire.

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