29 July, 2008

In the garden

Between monsoons and blazing sunshine (what is going on with the weather??), I filled up my latest raised bed which Tom very kindly constructed at the weekend, out of wood from Rob and Sue's enormous collection. And here it is.

And here are all the rocks that came out of it.

Tomorrow I shall plant something in it. Not sure what yet. Probably some Chinese cabbage and some radicchio or some such.

Elsewhere in the garden there are definite signs of ripening on at least one tomato. Admittedly it's only one and it's very small but it's a start.

And it turns out that what I thought were mangetout were in fact peas as in proper poddable peas. There should be enough for a forkful each by the end of next week.

The Borlotti bean pods are starting to go pink.

But there is no sign of the Golden Apple squash living up to their name. Yellow in the catalogue, green in my garden. This could well change but it's got a lot to do.

Lastly, I have finally got a couple of Rondo di Nizza courgettes from one of my plants. I'm still having the rotting problem but there are some more promising courgettes coming and they are delicious. I think they have liked the warm weather. Pity it is now so wet again.

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Anonymous said...

I made exactly the same mistake with my peas this year, have no idea what i have been eating, but they have tasted very good...better labelling next year methinks!