02 July, 2008

Not bad for a family of four

Warning - this post may get smug. Although remembering that The Rubbish Diet does much better than this should stop me getting too above myself. Still I'm feeling quite pleased with myself because this week's rubbish collection looks like this:

This is made up mostly of:
  • yoghurt pots and other plastic food containers - I am starting to make my own yoghurt but I'm not sure I can see the girls giving up their fromage frais or me my creme fraiche and double cream.
  • tetrapaks - I know this is a bad one. They are horrible things and my council doesn't recycle them. If only juicing were even vaguely economical and less time-consuming. But it isn't and we just don't seem to be able to give up our breakfast juice.
  • plastic packaging material that can't be recycled - some companies are worse than others. Computer firms are particularly bad, and no doubt there's a highly technical reason why they use that soft plasticky material, or tons of polystyrene.
  • nappies - Yay! The last week of nappies for this family. We were pretty good as I stuck to Motherease and Moltex most of the time. Lately it's been one nappy a night. So next week the bin should be one third emptier.
Now I want to start tackling the recycling. I know recycling is better than throwing into landfill but I'd prefer not to produce the rubbish in the first place.

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Almost Mrs Average said...

Hi Eliane...that's looking fantastic...absolutely brilliant. Well done and can't wait to see the bin in another month ;-D

By the way, I'd love to email you something that might be of interest, but can't find your email address. Would you be able to get in touch at enquiries@therubbishdiet.co.uk.

Many thanks...Karen