17 July, 2008

A silly grin has appeared on my face

A big big thank you to Earthwoman for awarding this blog an "E for excellent". I am speechless which as Tom would tell you is rather unusual.

And, by accepting this award, I get to give it to some of my favourite blogs. Now as my co-winner, Rachel at Big Sofa says, it's tricky finding people who haven't had one already. But Meryl Streep has never said no to the second, or third. It's even trickier making my mind up. So in no particular order:

Bread, Water, Salt, Oil
- based in Somerset, written beautifully (though not often enough)

Soilman's Allotment Blog - yes I know Earthwoman gave him one too, but Soilman has helped me out in the past and is thoroughly entertaining and self-deprecating even when showing off his magnificent cauliflowers, so he deserves two in one day

Vegmonkey and the Mrs. - for useful non-intimidating gardening advice and encouragement, a blog friend of mine, I like to think

Cannelle et Vanille - the photographs! the recipes! incredible mouthwatering puddings that look like they came from a patisserie or restaurant

A Wee Bit of Cooking - a Scottish food blog with gorgeous photographs, good recipes and a lovely dog

Kitchen Witch - funny personal blog from deepest Devon


Anonymous said...

Silly grin echoed this end! Thanks very much...that means so much! I'm gonna put it near the top! A blog friend indeed - we think of u just the same...just wish we had as much space as you!!!!

Wendy said...

Awww, thank you very much from both me and my dog. :)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks. Am hugely flattered.