13 August, 2008

The sun shone last weekend

It must have done as I have tell-tale tan marks on my feet. However I can't really remember seeing the sun. We went camping in Pembrokeshire and it was wet. Very very very wet. And windy. I lay in the tent watching the front portion flap around worryingly. We have discovered a design flaw in our tent. It did stay up all weekend despite much provocation from the weather but it looked like it wouldn't, so Tom and I worried about it a lot and lost sleep. Tents should not make you lose sleep. And the storm the night before last was incredible. Someone else on the campsite had to re-pitch in the middle of the night which must have been entertaining. I'm really glad I took my wellies - the ideal footwear for camping in Britain.

Pembrokeshire was lovely and Tom looked great in a wetsuit once he'd taken his glasses off. The kids had fun with their cousins building sandcastles at Newport, we had a fabulous roast dinner at Jack's holiday farmhouse (I am now under orders to learn how to make Yorkshire pudding) and Tom cooked a great meal on the two gas rings for us while we hid from the weather in the tent.

Now we're home and it's still wet. Last night there was a double rainbow and then it just carried on raining.

The garden has disappeared under the weeds, the tomatoes are still green, the slugs and snails are loving everything far too much and it's so wet I can't really get out there to excavate where I think I left my raised beds. Meanwhile there is much laundry to do.

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Anonymous said...

There was a double rainbow in Twickenham as well. You got a good snap of it though.