19 September, 2008

Egg production going up

Yesterday we had three eggs and I'm pretty sure one was a black rock egg as it was darker and almost speckled. This has led me to check them almost every minute today which is probably annoying the chickens quite a lot. They lay all day hours apart and always in the same nesting box (we have two). In fact they seem to have moved all the straw from the other box into their preferred one to make a more comfortable bed.

The Black Rocks have now been named the Three Musketeers as they are definitely the most adventurous. They head off into the field and down the hill as soon as they can and today I found two had climbed through the fence and made themselves thoroughly at home in one of my flower beds. Which is a bit worrying as they only need to head a little further into the garden to find my much more precious veg beds.

But I am getting more relaxed as regards their safety so I'm letting them out in the morning and leaving the chasing back to Rob and Sue as I'm too busy putting the children to bed at that time. Next week R&S go on holiday so it'll all be down to me. Must practice my chicken carrying and chasing skills before then.

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