26 September, 2008

Still running

Events rather got in the way of my running schedule this week. Sick child, husband in London, Food Festival etc. However I got myself up this morning and headed back up the hill. I live at the bottom of the hill so the first ten minutes are all up. At the moment rather more walking is going on than running but I am actually running a bit and it isn't killing me. And I'm really enjoying it. I live in the most beautiful place and each run shows me something new - one day a caterpillar crossing the road, another the mist lifting slowly so that you feel like you're floating (heavily on sore legs) in a cloud, and today a red kite flew just 20 feet over my head. Definitely worth the pain.


warriorwoman said...

Ah so you've started running as well, I hope you love it.

Eliane said...

Not sure it's love yet. But it's better than I thought it would be and I do feel good once I've stopped. Didn't recognise you under your alter-ego! You look a lot more impressive than I do!

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Impressed with the running. I am doing thinking about running instead which I hope is a start. I do sympathise about the impact of chickens on the veg patch. We have learnt the hard way to create complicated cane and string deterrents and even these aren't always enough.
Very pleased to see you are following my blog - how nice is that! Thank you.