29 November, 2008

29th November

This is Buy Nothing Day. It is also my birthday and I'm sorry to say but I've rather got into the spirit of the latter more than the former and have just bought quite a lot online for Christmas and for me from lovely cheques sent to me by lovely relatives. It's not that I don't agree with the concept but it's my birthday. So sorry. And could they please move the date around a bit so that next year it's someone else's birthday.


GardenGirl said...

Well I hope you had a lovely birthday, and treated yourself to a warm house - or at least a warm room.
I didn't buy anything today - but that was rather accident than design. But still - yay me!
And re the parsnips - I had a last surprise onion the other day. My final harvest of the year. Now I get to plan next year... *rubs hands gleefully*

Perhaps you can combine the buy nothing day with your birthday by sitting in a warm room with a blanket and lots of seed catalogues and PLAN your buying... that's allowed, isn't it?

Almost Mrs Average said...

LOL Eliane. Happy birthday...hope you had a great day. I managed to get through BND until 8.00pm when I was out with a friend and couldn't resist a hot chocolate :-D

By the way, I've tagged you...do pop over for a look. If you're up for it you can pick one of the tags. :-D

Don said...

Happy Birthday!

I think Gardengirl is spot on with her warm room and planning your garden. I like your recipe for the parsnips to go with the lamb chops. Maybe I need a good long row of parsnips next year. Reminds me of Farmer MacGregor...

Gretel said...

Hi Eliane - just a little note to say thanks for popping by my blog and glad the instructions helped; I was so clueless when I had to tackle the job, a couple of years ago and there was naff all on the internet (apart, of course, from Hugh FW) so if I can aid anyone else, my life has not been lived in vain ;)
And - belated happy brithday!