16 November, 2008


Tom is home this evening after two weeks away in the States, which explains why I haven't posted so much lately. Two messy children, a large house, dead chickens (well chicken), and a flood have meant I am exhausted and hoarse from all the shouting. Not a very patient mother and they are not angels in human form no matter what everyone else thinks.

Tom is not the only arrival. A big thank you to Simon and Liz because yesterday Sam and Ella (no, I didn't think that up, blame S&L), two Cuckoo Maran chickens arrived and were added to the henhouse. (I wanted Marans originally so am particularly grateful).

On Suzanne's advice, we delivered them to their new home and "friends" at dusk so they'd have a night to get used to the idea when dopey and pliant. That's the theory. This morning, there was much agitation when I got out there to let them out. Then out popped the original five. The other two followed rather more circumspectly. Since then, four of my old ones have gone off on their usual trail which involves rounding the house and crossing the lane to investigate the field opposite. One Black Rock is lurking around the henhouse, and Sam and Ella are defending their new patch with much squawking. Looks like a power struggle is in progress and I have no idea who is winning. I'm just hoping Sam and Ella understand that it's everyone's home and they all have to lay in there. They are probably a bit freaked out by their new more rural surroundings as previously they were in a back garden and loved to go in the human house.

So we're up to seven chickens though only three (the Black Rocks) are laying. I'll let you know how the flock gets on. Actually how many chickens constitutes a flock? Is seven enough?

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