26 January, 2009

Back to the garden

It is an age since I spent any significant time in the garden. But now is the time to head back in there and start planning and preparing for what will hopefully be a better summer and a bumper harvest. The first job was accomplished by Tom - defence against the chickens. Having seen what they can do to a bed of seedlings, it was clear we needed to take action before anything was planted. So Tom spent Saturday and Sunday fixing poultry netting over the beds. This will hopefully also keep the rabbits out. I think the beds look rather good don't they.

And there are two of these small netting cloches to protect the proto-asparagus bed and the rhubarb.

I am hopeful that we're not too late with them as the chickens were at one point using the asparagus bed as a dustbath.

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Nicki said...

these beds look great - incredible to think of you already planning - here it is minus 15 degrees and we can't put anything outside until the first week of June! Hope you all thrive!