14 February, 2009

A fine romance

Hmmm. Valentine's Day. Started well with croissants and pain au chocolat (no, not made by me) and a card each. Sadly it ended with me here in Wales, Tom in London heading to San Francisco tomorrow. Still, we had time for a romantic chat once the children were in bed. We had time for a romantic chat but actually what Tom wanted was a computer helpdesk as he couldn't get his laptop to start and needed me to look up why on the Internet. I would say this is what happens after ten years in a relationship, but to be honest we've never been very good at Valentine Day's enforced romance. Still I guess the test of a good relationship is that I'd rather discuss PRAM restarts (?!?) with Tom than sweet nothings with anyone else.

God, that's soppy. Bleah!


Don said...

Soppy? Nah, very nice. Ths signs of happiness are all around you. Pain au chocolate, now that's really livin'

Doug Cutting said...

Early on we established the tradition of not celebrating Valentine's Day on Valentine's Day. It reduces expectations, flowers are cheaper, sitters are available and it's easier to get a reservation somewhere nice.