02 February, 2009


If you fancy a laugh at the useless British, the BBC website has a film of lots of people failing to drive in a couple of inches of snow. As usual Britain has ground to a halt.

Over here in the west, we've had much less snow, though it is still falling. The heating is therefore back on in the evenings and I'm not spending much time outside. This is a shame as great plans are afoot here. The neighbours and I have decided to get a polytunnel. They're buying and hosting it and I'm going to work it mostly as they both have proper paid jobs to go to, rather than the pottering about that I claim keeps me busy. This week's job is to start clearing the site which is currently covered in branches and then nettles and weeds. The tunnel won't be huge (15ft x 6ft 6) and to start with we are going to focus on tomatoes, aubergines, herbs, salads. Having bought the new Polytunnel Handbook, I now know there's much much more you can do with it. One of the pictures has a hammock in it! (Although obviously the aim of a hammock is not to do much).

Meanwhile I have done nothing in the garden since we put up the anti-chicken netting. I have however put plans in place and apparently February is a really busy month. And apparently it is also now February. Last year I had a to do list by the day almost. Positively anal in its detail. This year I appear to be taking a rather more laid back approach and looking out of the window right now at the copious falling snow, I am tempted to continue like this for a bit longer. Plus there is baking and laundry to do which is for once a much more attractive prospect.


Anonymous said...

Reckon this must be a first: I've got worse weather than you!!

Eliane said...

It's heading this way. Mind you Powys gritters seem a bit more prepared than those in London. The schools are still going to shut if there's heavy snow. Sledges are at the ready.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Snow up here too - utterly beautiful in a stopping the world sort of way!

Anonymous said...

Pack up some of the snow and send it to California. We're facing what will surely be an epic drought this summer. Virtually NO snowpack in the Sierras and hardly any rain and record high temps down near the coast.