01 March, 2009

A lovely day for gardening

And luckily Tom was in the mood. So while I pottered about planting parsnip, radish, celeriac and beetroot seeds, Tom did the real work and cleared the ground for the polytunnel. From this

to this

in one day. Which means next week I can finish clearing around the edges and we call install the polytunnel at the weekend. The digging was not fun as this is (or hopefully was) a nettle patch. Foolhardy I know to put it in a nettle bed, but the soil is good and the location is good in every other way.

1 comment:

mountainear said...

Nettles like a nitrogen rich soil - probably well manured in the past?

And planting al those seeds already - you're making me feel tardy. (or nerga as word verification would have it!)