14 April, 2009

Bumblebees - the whys and wherefores, mostly the whys

So today, apart from fending off far too many four year old tantrums, getting a mohair jumper wet in the rain (wet sheep is oddly not a scent you see advertised by Guerlain), and following the Amazon glitch, I have also released three bumblebees into the wild.

The thing is I don't know where they came from. The windows were closed. The doors were closed. The first bee was ENORMOUS. The second was a bit stupid. The third left quite quickly. But where are they coming from. I like bumblebees. And I do know that they live in holes, they burrow, and they are solitary. But three in a kitchen in one day is more than carelessness.

So here is my hypothesis. My admittedly utterly without knowledge of the life cycle of a bumblebee hypothesis. Could a bumblebee have laid lots of bumblebee eggs somewhere in my kitchen and they are now, in spring, hatching or whatever they do? Any bumblebee experts out there?

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hand-knitted muesli said...

I wish it was bumblebees in my kitchen. I have had an infestation of tiny maggoty things, where they came from I do not know; needless to say bins emptied, ultra autumn clean, security/insect doors now closed at all times. I love living in Brisbane but creepy crawly stuff :(