12 April, 2009

Tomatoes - will I never learn?

Last year, I ended up planting out 21 tomato plants
which Earthwoman suggested was enough to rival Bertolli's. Sadly this wasn't the case after the sunless wet summer we had.

Undaunted, I am trying again. So today, this

turned into this

and this

and this.

That is a total of 85 tomato seedlings, over 20 each of Gardener's Delight, Marmande and San Marzano and a paltry 8 of Brandywine.

What can I say? I am an over-enthusiastic seed-sower.


mountainear said...

But if you don't pot on all the seedlings and dump the excess on the compost heap it seems like murder. I've done exactly the same thing. I expect someone will be having a coffee morning with a plant stall in the near future and my sturdy young plants will be welcome.

Eliane said...

I know. I'm lousy at thinning too.