03 May, 2009

Now that's my idea of a ready meal

I was a bit stuck last week for inspiration and ingredients and then I saw this in my store cupboard.

There was a timely piece on You and Yours (BBCR4) the other day about canned food and how snobbish the British are about cans. Basically unless it's baked beans, we turn our noses up at it and assume it's rubbish. Which is a bit rich given what you can get in cans here compared with what you get in other countries. Fortunately we have a French stall complete with Frenchman which appears in Abergavenny regularly carrying beautiful strings of shallots and onions, large jars of fish soup and cans of such delicacies as rillettes, pate de fois gras, cassoulet and the above confit de canard (now who's being a food snob?)

The paragraph on the side pretty much shows how the two nations differ in their approach. Was ever a Heinz can so poetic?

"Accompagne de pommes de terre sautees et de quelques champignons, le plaisir est complet."


mountainear said...

Heinz? Poetic? They've made some nice ads though in their time.

You've made me think - it doesn't seem that long ago that salmon was a luxury which always came in cans and 'cream' was a tin of evaporated milk over fruit salad (from a tin too). Not quite as yucky as it sounds because this was the way things were - these were the tastes de nos jours.

How lucky we are now to have such an abundance of fresh foods in the shops.

Soilman said...

The plaisir certainly is complet... il n'y a rien de plus délicieux!! I ADORE confit de canard. Would be my desert island food, with thinly sliced potatoes fried in the duck fat. Cholesterol/calorie nightmare. Gourmet delight.

Ooo, that's got me slavering just thinking about it. Must go raid the chocolate tin...

Eliane said...

Soilman, it was delicious. And even better, the girls didn't like it that much so Tom and I got 1 1/2 cuisse each. Will be buying more canned food like this as soon as I can.