07 May, 2009


Someone I read recently on a blog (heinous crime, I can't remember who it was...sorry) said that this spring was making them feel more springy, and I know what they mean. Perhaps it's because the seasons have followed some kind of order this year with a cold winter followed by a warmer and wetter spring. I have loved looking at all the flowers, the blossom. And maybe because last year was my first spring here in the country (London springs are there but can be missed amongst all the concrete), this year I am looking forward to seeing particular plants reemerge - the forget-me-knots on the terrace, with soon the lovely orange poppies, the daffodils of course, and the apple blossom. Dandelions and now buttercups are coming out in the field. (Unfortunately dandelions are also coming out in my herb bed where they set off the chives beautifully but will be a bugger to pull up.)

So here are some lovely things from around my garden and the field next door, some already gone, some still here.


Sam said...

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous pictures - I love how you've caught the forget-me-nots. I find them so difficult to capture!