11 September, 2009

Flowers in my hair

So now I'm getting excited. When I'm not pondering the schooling problem/challenge. Then I get panicky.

I think I've spent more time this week "in" San Francisco than Wales. So here in no particular order are some thoughts.

How the hell will we get used to living in an apartment after two years in a barn?

Should I take the girls' Welsh costumes or will the Americans think that they are Puritans from Salem? (I wasn't planning on sending them to school dressed like that - just dressing up purposes. Oh and maybe St David's Day for tradition's sake and the ritual humiliation of infants.)

How the hell will we fit what little we are going to take into our suitcases?

Am I really prepared to go back to urban life after two years on a Welsh mountain?

Why is that every person I mention where we're going to, immediately tells me what a fabulous place it is, and how they loved it? Has everyone been except me? Seriously, I swear, I could be addressing a Welsh farmer in boots with his hand up a sheep's bum and he'd still tell me how cool the Mission district was.

How bad is the fog? Really. Because so many people mention it. But then a lot of people mention it raining in San Francisco and I checked. It does. But only half as much as in Wales. It really rains A LOT in Wales.



Unknown said...
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Suzanne@ Panteg Alpacas said...

this might clarify !

Doug Cutting said...

The amount of fog varies. Personally, I would not enjoy a summer in the Sunset district, , but a summer in Potrero Hill would not be bad. Potrero's also close to CalTrain, so Tom might get down the peninsula without a car.