12 October, 2009

Free stuff: the pleasure in giving

I'm rather enjoying getting rid of our stuff. We've sold some things - books, a bike or two of the girls - but mostly at the moment we're giving things away (note to W. but not that particular painting). A lot is going to friends and family and it's lovely to think of our stuff finding homes all over the Usk valley and beyond. People have been leaving our barn with car loads. The funniest was probably a friend who spent the entire time she loaded the car with our stuff, telling me how she really must start clearing out her house. And then there was the husband or two who clearly hadn't been included in the decision-making process and found lots more stuff had appeared when they got home from work. While I know giving does wonderful things to your mood and soul and what have you, mainly I'm just glad to see space appearing in the house. People are being told they can do what they want with our former stuff, as long as it doesn't come back to us (apart from that painting, W. ...).

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