13 November, 2009

Another local highlight discovered

I suspect this detour between school (more on that later perhaps) and our new apartment may happen at least once a week. We have discovered Mitchell's Ice Cream Parlor which is a smallish shop selling their own prize-winning ice cream in a large and sometimes astonishing (avocado or purple yam anyone?) array of flavours. We stuck with the rather more traditional mint for the girls and coffee for me in sugar cones, junior sized. Junior for me too as this was a normal single scoop ice cream unlike the enormous cones with triple scoops of mountainous proportions that were also being bought. You can take home tubs of this lovely stuff and I am looking forward to branching out into some of the more unusual flavours at a later date. The colour of the purple yam has to be seen to be believed.


Laura said...

You must also try Bi-Rite Creamery - their burnt caramel is to DIE FOR. And Humphrey-Slocomb if you want to try some unusually fantastic flavors.

Eliane said...

Thanks for the tips! Will do, very soon I hope.

Gary and Jen, and Ruby and Peter said...

What a treat,
Sounds more like a lovely place to live with every post !

Go on, enjoy it!