16 November, 2009

Kids are amazing

Today was little sister's first day at an American school. And big sister's second day. You'd have thought they'd been going for years. E went off without even kissing me. I was a bit miffed, actually. And L gave me a sweet kiss and then that was it. Bye Mama. I'm at school. See you later. L has always taken longer to settle so I was expecting rather more drama.

So that was it, as they headed off to their much larger, diverse, multi-lingual, urban school. It couldn't be more different than their primary school in Wales but they seem to have adjusted very quickly. E came out telling me about her first Spanish lesson and L said she'd spent the morning talking about trees which apparently was boring!

Huge relief then. But I think it may take a little longer for me to settle down watching them going off to school.

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Joanna said...

Your stories about a new life in America remind me of when my sister, now a US citizen, went to live in Chicago with her husband and toddler, a polite little English boy called Alexander. She came home about eight months later with an all-American boy called Alex (say it in the broadest accent you can manage!). So glad your young are fitting in, and hope that you will find it as easy, once you've got your place sorted

All the best