30 November, 2009

San Franciscans: the dog's best friends

This city is besotted with dogs. Besotted. I don't think I've seen so many dogs before. Big ones, small ones, in cars, on pavements, gazing out of windows, and once Tom met one in a backpack on the Muni. (Tom wasn't in the backpack, the dog was.) And it's not just the owners who are nuts about the dogs. No. San Franciscans will stop in the street to pet dogs which have been tied up. They are much more likely to remark on a dog than a child. Not that I'm bothered because I have two of the latter and none of the former. I'm not taking offense. Just making a point. It may be you can take this love affair with the dog too far. Today, I saw a woman walking two dogs and three of them had furry tails. I swear, she had a furry tail hanging over her bottom. For empathy? Could it wag? I leave you with two pictures of offerings for our furry friends that I saw today in Noe Valley.

See what I mean. Besotted.

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