02 December, 2009

Internet banking American style

My head hurts. I am getting confused by US healthcare and I haven't even got a doctor yet. And now I'm trying to set up a standing order to pay my landlord our rent direct into her bank account. Except online personal banking won't let me. Their idea of electronic online bill pay is for me to give them the name and address of my landlord and they will send her a cheque by post. The bank thinks this is a great idea, they even have a step by step video showing me how to set it up. Perhaps there is some legal reason why I'm not allowed to deposit money into her account directly, but if there is, it's daft. And if there isn't, please would someone at the US part of this supposedly international bank, talk to someone at the UK version and realize that there is an easier way.


Garden Girl said...

I remember moving to the States (temporarily) many years ago, and all the ads for banks were boasting that they gave you 'free checking'! As in no charges when you pay a cheque (or check!). I couldn't believe it. Coming from the UK my brain couldn't believe you WOULD pay to use a cheque.

I think 'free checking' is fairly standard now... so give them about 10-15 yrs and they'll sort out internet banking properly...

You're right. Americans are crazy. I know - I married one!

Eliane said...

We get free chequebooks/checkbooks but only because we have a premium account. Others less fortunate still have to pay to buy a checkbook.

And we can't get out money of any ATM except our own without paying a huge fee.

Don't know why I expected the banks to be ahead of us but it's like going back in time. And they are so pleased with themselves for these spiffing new services.

mountainear said...

There is talk here of paying to use ATMs and of the end of 'free' banking. I guess if banks are no longer going to be allowed to charge extortionate service charges then they will have to get money out of us in another way.

Like you I suppose I thought America would be way ahead of use in both computing, banking and health care (I've read post above). All sound inpenetrable and labyrinthine organisations - only wanting a clerk with a quill pen for authenticity. I'm sure you'll get to grips with it.

wv is 'rieves' - highly appropriate when I think that the similarly sounding 'reeve' was a medieval clerk!