27 January, 2010

CSA veg box: what's in it

Today I collected my first fruit and veg box. I wandered to a few blocks from where I live, found the right garage and entered the secret code into the padlock. And inside was a list and a pile of boxes and a cooler with eggs inside.

So what did I get? Take a look at this.

This is all fresh from California and there isn't a swede (US transl.: rutabaga) in sight. There are baby turnips, and fresh green onions. There's a butternut squash, some rocket, dill and salad/stir fry greens. Also lemons, satsumas and oranges. Which all just goes to show that the Californian climate is a bit different to the Welsh one.

I also bought the eggs which are as close as I can get to having my own chickens. They're even slightly different sizes and look beautiful.

I don't think there's enough to keep this family going for a week but I love that it's all so fresh and grown locally. And I like the challenge of cooking to a seasonal diet based on the contents of the box. So I'm pleased with this first box and already working out what to do with the turnips.

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Garden Girl said...

And the eggs are brown, which I know is a novelty in the US!