05 January, 2010

Day Three Homeward bound

I'm still feeling pretty awful and there's nothing worse than feeling ill when you're supposed to be out and active and enjoying yourself. So this morning has seen bad temper from me and from Tom, and tears just from me. The plan originally was to go tobogganing up at Badger Pass taking the shuttle bus there and back. But I'm just not up to the trip especially as buses are my least favourite way to travel, making me feel sick. So now Tom and the girls have decided to stay down in the valley, go ice skating again (not Lottie obviously), go for a walk and so on before heading back to the city a bit earlier.

I am feeling guilty about this but not a little relieved and grateful as feeling rubbish on your own for a few hours and still faced with a 4 hour journey home was not an attractive prospect. I'm just hoping Tom will forgive me one day.


We spent the day ice skating again or watching, visiting the falls which were stunning, and building snow people - very very small snow people but lots of them. Below are some more improbably gorgeous photographs of the landscape. The sky was that blue - I know it looks fake but it honestly wasn't or perhaps only a tiny bit "enhanced" by the camera. But not much. Really.

Tobogganing update:
Turns out we could have driven up easily and then left when we wanted. Well at least we know now. And we will definitely be going back some time.

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Chris Stovell said...

I cam here from lovely Mountainear's blog after seeing your comment about Owen Sheers; I enjoy his poetry but haven't read 'Resistance'. Can also recommend a glorious collection from Pont Books called 'Poems of Love and Longing' which includes Sheer's work and several other notable Welsh poets.

I hope you feel better soon and no, it's no fun travelling when you feel ill.