26 January, 2010

I'm on a roll

Sunday dinner was wonderful. I know this not only because it tasted excellent but because everyone ate it and asked for more. Everyone. Even the girls. Anyone who has small children will probably know what I mean. It's one of the reasons I like (or is that insist) that Tom gets home in time to eat with the family. There is nothing more demoralising than spending time and creativity on a meal only to have small people say "Yeuch, I don't want that". At least when Tom is there I know one person at the table will like and eat it.

What did we have? A boned (US transl.: boneless) leg of lamb roasted with garlic and rosemary and surrounded by potatoes. Accompanied by green beans and salad. Particular thanks should go to Drewes the butchers who have never let me down yet. Excellent tender delicious lamb. The children even ate the leftovers with couscous and a tomatoey stewy sauce thing I made up and had seconds of that as well.

We'll just have to see how long it is until the usual "bleah" reaction sets in again. Tonight it's wild shrimp grilled with garlic and lime. Should be a winner but you never can tell...

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just Gai said...

You have my sympathies. For having a mum (and a dad!) who will eat just about anything, I have an increasingly fussy younger daughter who appears to be adding items to her list of food she will not eat at an alarming rate. And there was I thinking she'd grow out of it!