12 January, 2010

Put the kettle on

It was a simple thing. After a longish day I stopped in a cafe with the girls and I just wanted a cup of tea. I was in a rather good coffee place with the emphasis on coffee which is what I should have had. How to induce panic in a Brit gasping for a cuppa? Hand her a cup of not that recently boiled hot water and indicate the teabags some distance away. Was I going to pay for the tea first? Nope. I was going to push other customers out of the way to get that bag into the water as quick as I could. Didn't they realise that there was no time to be lost, every second counted as the water cooled. I'm not singling out this particular place - happens all over the place. So please America, put the bag in the mug first and pour boiling water onto it. Makes all the difference. You might even come to like it.

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