12 June, 2010

The big match

Hmmm. Thoroughly underwhelming in a sadly typical way.

In case you hadn't noticed, and it's possible that some Americans haven't, today was England and the USA's first match in the World Cup, against each other. And here we are - British, mostly English really - in America. So obviously we had to have some kind of party. As we don't have a TV, we invaded another Brit's house with provisions. Several of the opposing nation were invited to see what we hoped would be the thorough thrashing of a half-hearted nation by our brave boys. Ho bloody hum.

Moving on.

The entertaining parts of the day were
  • being asked by one American which team was wearing which colour
  • asking the Americans to tell us who their players were - cue silence....
  • hearing Lottie say that as neither team had lost, they had therefore both won
which is not how the English felt today.


Garden Girl said...

Have to say, we (a trans-atlantic family) watched, and weren't very impressed. I left halfway to do some pruning... came back, nothing had changed. Dull dull dull... Ok, 2 moments of excitement, which if you blinked you'd missed it (cue multiple replays).

Speaking as the non-American in the family I definitely enjoy watching US football a lot better.

Not that we're very team-sporty anyway, so perhaps I shouldn't comment?

Soilman said...

Lottie must have been advising the New York Post:



Ruth said...

I don't think it will take long for football to catch on here. The youngsters 8 and 9 have been playing it their whole lives. Give it 10 years, and this country will be nuts for it too. Maybe you'll be here to see it?

It's nice to meet you, Eliane. You are right about being in safe hands with Duvall.