28 January, 2012

Crazy Plan is booked - mostly

I'm still calling this the Crazy Plan although I think it is really the Awesome Plan. Very awesome. Properly awesome - not in the common "my sandwich at lunch was awesome" use of the word. Nope. This is going to be one helluva year.

[To my British friends, and Xander, my apologies for the overuse of Americanisms. It appears they are a slow contagion that starts to make itself evident c. 2 years after arrival. To Mike, Howdy!]

Anyway, because Tom needs broadband and because I am not as free-wheeling as I like to think I am, we have now got accommodation booked across the States. What? You thought we were going in an RV? Not so adventurous. That'll have to wait for retirement and no more daily Hadoop.

[Extra points to the (British) wag I met at a party who on being told we were taking 4.5 months, said "you know you can drive faster than 20 miles an hour?]

Now I could keep our itinerary a surprise but if you know me personally then you'll have heard it a yawningly enormous number of times and if you don't, you might have some useful travel tips. So here goes:

We drive up the coast to Portland then on to Seattle where we stop for a month (April). Then on to Yellowstone, the Black Hills of South Dakota and Ames, Iowa. That takes 3 weeks. We arrive in Chicago in late May and spend 3 weeks there. After that it is what seems from here like a hop and skip to New York for nearly 7 weeks in Brooklyn which will take in a long weekend in DC and some trips probably to Philadelphia, Boston. Our last stop on the continent is Nova Scotia. Yes, we are trying to get as far across as we can before we have to get on a plane.

The total mileage driven will be over 4100 miles. Which is equivalent to driving from London to Samarkand in Uzbekistan - much easier and with more hamburgers I 'm sure but the same distance. Mind is boggling.

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