16 April, 2012

Moving house messes with your head

I have been planning this journey and the larger move back to the UK for some time now. I've know about it for ages. And yet. My brain is not quite there yet. I'm having the most vivid and hectic dreams involving multiple locations - San Francisco, the school, Seattle, Wales with improbable mountains - and a huge cast of people mostly from San Francisco and it's all rather exhausting. It can also be entertaining on reflection - what were all the staff of the school doing in the girls clothes for example (the librarian was in a nightie covered in strawberries)? And who knew the Cascades flanked the Brecon Beacons or that I would choose to ride a bicycle in the snow?

Fortunately, I don't have to get up at 6.30am these days to get the girls to school by 8.30am. So I have time to recover. But I do wish it would stop.

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