07 August, 2012

Queens Museum of Art, NY

Thanks to my friend Moriah (I say this a lot, because Moriah is wonderful and knows so many interesting places to go to and things to do).

Anyway, as I was saying, thanks to my friend Moriah, the girls and I set off one particularly hot and sunny day, for Queens (G to 7 which is an L train and thus more fun and less smelly than the subway). We were heading to the Queens Museum of Art to see the Panorama of New York.

First we had a picnic in the park in front of this fabulous fountain - from the World's Fair of 1964-5 and I think featured in the first Men In Black.

And into the Museum for some cool art - temperature and quality. The highlight for the girls was certainly the panorama which is a scale model of the whole of New York, built at the time of that World's Fair. There's a raised walkway around it, some of it glass so that you can see the model under your feet. They update it when they need to, though the World Trade Center Towers won't be removed until the new complex is built. 

The Museum also has a scale model of the water system of New York state - sorry forgotten the geographical term, but it's basically a landscape model including all the rivers etc.

And lastly but definitely not least there was an excellent and interesting exhibit on art from the Caribbean. It was grouped by theme rather than period so that old paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries appeared next to contemporary art and installations. It was very refreshing to see so much, to me, unknown work.

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