17 September, 2006


Without a pot of fresh coffee (espresso stove top pot) every morning I am not so much a bear with a sore head as a bear with no head at all and very slow reflexes. I drink it strong, freshly ground with lots of milk. And I get my beans from Has Bean. The Brazil Espresso perfeito blend is very good. Lovely dark shiny beans.

Now anyone who has visited the shopping bookmarks site will have seen a paean in praise of the Algerian Coffee Stores in Old Compton Street in Soho. I will always love this shop but even my long lived love for it and my family's history of buying coffee there cannot make me love their clunky website and their exorbitant delivery charges (30% of the cost of the order!!). Admittedly this is based on orders placed late last year... So if anyone finds it's changed let me know. And if you are in Soho - go and visit. It's wonderful.

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