11 October, 2006

Ready meals etc.

So you have this family who eat different things from each other, but the same thing several times a week. The meal is microwaved in minutes and they all sit down to eat it in front of the television. Challenge them and see if they can cook a real lasagne! It took them ages just to find the ingredients in the supermarket and then quite a long time to cook it, but the end result was wonderful, COST LESS, and the kids in particular were so happy to have a meal which made them a family again. I suppose ready meals are convenient, but I don't make meals for the evening that take longer than 30 minutes from start to getting it onto the table and we eat pretty well here. Are people really that short of time that they can't bake a fish, throw together a pasta meal or whatever? Tonight's supper was a mushroom risotto with a green salad. Simple, cheap. And I know what went into it. If you're eating chilled ready meals, do you?

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