03 June, 2007

ACofCB Part VII: Good Things in England

Another heritage book. I love this title as it could be about anything really. It is in fact a collection of recipes put together by Florence White in 1932. The subtitle reads A Practical Cookery Book for Everyday Use Containing Traditional and Regional Recipes Suited to Modern Tastes contributed by English Men and Women between 1399 and 1932. Unlike the Yankee book, this one provides details of the sources for the recipes and usually dates them. It is one of those books quoted regularly as a source and inspiration by subsequent writers like Jane Grigson (see English Food), and is full of fascinating oddities as well as useful recipes. For example if you want to know how to roast cygnets, stew lambs' tails or make a rook pie, then this is the book for you. The breakfast chapter is one of my favourites. Kippers, herring, kedgeree, oxtail mould, calf's head brawn, watercress and potted wood pigeon and grouse all feature. I'm amazed anyone could move the rest of the day.

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