19 October, 2007

Cheap annoying washing machines

We're moving house soon and as we will be renting this one out, we have replaced our increasingly idiosyncratic Bosch model (it was A rated for energy use but recently decided this wasn't good enough and refused to do any wash over 30 degrees - laudable but annoying). So not wanting to buy some astronomically expensive model we got a Tricity. Now I don't know if it's just that this was a cheaper model or that machines now come like this but the hose will not reach to the point under the sink where it attaches to the outflow (or whatever - terminology is no doubt faulty here). Why? Because it comes out of the machine on the right back and has to track across the back of the machine through a hole in the back of our cupboard and another 10 inches or so. The machine is right next to the sink - just on the wrong side. Is this my fault? Did the details when I bought it tell me this? In fact did the details tell me that it would come with a dohickey thingy that goes in a downpipe and not the attachment that goes into the sink waste? No of course they didn't. How useless and annoying is that?

Mind you, full marks to John Lewis for turning up when they said they would, removing old machine and taking away packaging for the new one. Also in case this happens to you apparently there's rather a useful site here at espares.co.uk

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