28 February, 2008

Oh the guilt of ethical shopping

I know. Sounds mad doesn't it. The thing is when you shop local and develop a relationship with the shop/stall/farmer, then when you switch allegiances you feel guilty. Or at least I do.

Last Sunday I visited the Llangynidr farmers' market. Small, in a village hall. A bit heavy on the craft side but there were several food stalls including a wonderful goat meat and cheese stall, a bread shop, a couple of butchers and a veg stall. The veg stall in particular caught my eye. I didn't need any at the time but they do veg boxes. So I signed up. This means I no longer have to go into the Abergavenny market hall on a Friday morning and lug loads of veg and fruit back to the car. Instead a very nice and helpful man delivers assorted veg to my door on Thursday. But it also means I don't spend c. 20 quid at the Abergavenny market and make the stall holder happy. She was always very friendly and we had a nice chat and she gave me a discount. Cue guilt.

The thing is, the veg on the stall was all right but not from round here particularly, and not necessarily in season (heinous crime - they carried asparagus from Peru). But I think mostly it's just that I like having stuff delivered. I love cooking but not shopping. In fact I rather relish the challenge that the assorted veg box presents to you.

What did I get this evening?

For £15 I have a cabbage, a cauliflower, Jerusalem artichokes, potatoes, rocket, turnips, parsnips, carrots, purple sprouting broccoli, beetroot, onions and leeks. Wow! I am impressed. Next week I'm getting the box with fruit too.

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