22 April, 2008


Sorry about the silence over the last few days. Charlotte had a very nasty bout of gastroenteritis and as she is 3 this involved lying for days on top of her mother, interrupted by the usual symptoms (oh joy!). Also as she's 3 she has recovered remarkably quickly. Yesterday, sad wan child in pyjamas at doctor's surgery. Today, livewire talking all the time, marching around the garden and ordering mother and father about a lot. I did manage to read two books - frankly what else can you do when you are stuck in bed being comforting. The books weren't deep ones, but pretty good. A Lindsey Davis Marcus Didius Falco mystery called Iron Hand of Mars and Dissolution, the first Matthew Shardlake mystery by C J Sansom.

Anyway that is over and so it seems is winter. Today I planted Endive de Louvier, Fennel, more parsnips (tender and true - where do they get these names from!), radishes, parsley, coriander (or cilantro as those in America would have it), and perpetual spinach. My beds are all nearly full. Just a bit of room left for some french beans and borlotti beans which are just about emerging on the kitchen window sill. The tomatoes, aubergine, courgette, squash and cucumber are going to have to find other homes.

I also did some weeding. I have no idea what to do about the nettles. They are everywhere. Not in the beds near the veg, but unfortunately in the parts the children want to play in and that I want to sit on. Not conducive to lounging around. I am thinking of removing the nettles and bunging in the courgettes! Photographs will follow. Hopeless.

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G said...

Your growing sounds wonderful! Looking forward to pics.... :)