13 July, 2008

Athena, Acantha and Artemis

Three cria or baby alpacas we met on Thursday. The naming of alpacas is a tricky business - my friend, Suzanne, is going down the Greek gods route, but also owns (but didn't name) several hooray henry alpacas with names like Hermione and Veronica. Alpacas are funny animals. Lovely to look at with long fringes which means they look down their noses at you - just need some pince-nez added on the end to complete the posh librarian look. The babies can stand minutes after birth, and are about a metre tall, nose to nose with my youngest which was a little surprising for her when Artemis in particular mosied over to make friends.

I'm still not entirely sure what alpacas are for. You can't eat them. You can use their wool. And you can breed them so that other people can own them and gaze lovingly at them while they gaze snootily back. Which it has to be said is fun. So maybe that is what they are for.

Here's the whole group of girls; the boys are in another field and were rather shy on the day we went.

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GardenGirl said...

Is the naming of Alpacas a difficult matter, a la TS Eliot's Naming of Cats? It isn't just one of your holiday games?

Just to let you know I am enjoying your blog!