17 July, 2008

Patience is a virtue

It's just not one of mine. You would think I'd be satisfied with progress so far. My tomatoes are starting to look more promising. In fact most of the nasty foliage has dropped off, the plants are continuing to grow and flower and best of all have lots of tomatoes on them. But of course the tomatoes are all green and I want red ones. Now.

For a slightly more considered analysis.

The Marmande plants are doing really well. The plants look healthy and have lots of biggish tomatoes on them. They also seem to have suffered least from whatever it was the plants were suffering from (get me, the plant doctor). I think next year, assuming that I get some red tomatoes some time this summer, then I shall keep some of these outside.

The Brandywine are much less prolific but do have the biggest tomato on them which is magnificent. However, they have hated the cold weather and drop flowers more than make tomatoes so any future plants should be under glass.

The San Marzano plants have taken longest to flower but are coming along nicely now. I really love these - they are so obviously plum shaped.

The Lylia Cerisette are growing tallest and have most tomatoes, but as these are mouse-bite sized, they don't account for much yet. The children will probably strip them as soon as they ripen.


Anonymous said...

Your vegetables look great! This being my first year planting some vegetables as opposed to only flowers...I think I have become a bit of a nerd looking at garden photos :)
Stumbled on your blog from Impact Man.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks they will be going red soon, and you will be fed up with them! ;)