20 August, 2008

Chicken run

Sorry. Not sure what's been happening for the last few days. I watched television for the first time in ages and it appears to have sucked up all my blogging brain power. Too busy trying to understand what track cycling is all about - people competing in something called the sprint who spend time trying to go as slowly as possible, and people riding in a points race or the madison in which not being able to tell the difference between the cyclists or where they are or in fact what is going on at all does cause problems. Still, it's nice to see GB doing rather well, even if it does mean I have spent far too long being far too interested in things that I won't watch again for four years.

Meanwhile, Tom had a much more productive Sunday and spent it up at the stables with Rob, fashioning a chicken run. It isn't quite finished but should be this weekend, weather and time allowing.

Then we just need to fix the fence around the whole area, and we can get chickens.

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