16 September, 2008

Flocking together

More chicken watching has been going on. Aren't they fascinating? We are still getting only one egg a day, but that's a very very prized egg.

The chickens have been out and about in the field. We first let them out on Sunday. They were quite timid about it. Yesterday they roved a bit more widely and Lottie and I left them to it for a while. Actually I left Lottie and the chickens to it, and she spent half an hour or so sitting with them. Later she told Sue that "our chickens were the best chickens in the whole wide world".

The Black Rocks are much more curious and gutsy than the Light Sussex and today I found them at the bottom of the field by our gate, heading probably towards the veg patch... The Light Sussex aren't so keen on getting out of sight of their house.

I'm still a bit paranoid about the fox, so I leave the back door open and regularly visit them. Can't see this going on all winter. I am going to have to get more philosophical and relaxed.

Things I've learnt so far:
  • they fight over slugs
  • they tell you when they've laid an egg
  • they love molehills
  • they hunker down when you act like you're going to pick them up
  • but they scarper if you're not quick enough
  • they aren't very bright and can spend an age looking for the entrance to their run
  • they like people and will follow the girls around (mind you, the feeling is mutual)
This last picture is Lottie telling the chickens off for fighting over the slug.

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Buddhist in Training said...

I too have learnt those very same things! I chuckled as I read this list.