25 September, 2008

Personal challenge for the winter

I suspect that Tom and the girls will say it's more of a family challenge. But I'm being a bit autocratic here (so that makes a change...) and have decided that we will get through the winter without central heating. Tom has been umming and ahhhing about it since I started this but I think we can be more determined than that. I could claim to be green but I think it is more because I am being mean and I cannot justify heating acres of space I'm not in, and worse doing it inefficiently so that the poor old boiler can't even produce piping hot water for a bath to warm me up because the heating is so inefficient.

So as an alternative we have:

1. The wood burning stove and lots and lots of wood.
2. Three portable oil-free thermostat controlled heaters.
3. New double glazing (yet to be installed but just thinking about it makes me feel warmer) and insulation in the loft.
4. Hot water bottles.
5. Thermal underwear.
6. Sheepskin slippers.
7. My woolly hat.

I would add sex to the list at the end but I think once I'm wearing my thermals, sheepskin slippers and hat, Tom will have lost all interest and collapsed laughing. Still at least I'll be warm.

Luckily the Met Office says it will be drier and warmer this winter.


Buddhist in Training said...

*Snigger* surely not!

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Now that is brave, mad perhaps but brave! Good luck, bathrooms are the most challenging.